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Prevent Losing Thousands of Dollars to Rental Fraud;
Get a Detailed Landlord and Rental Property History Report Below.

Nearly 40% of Renters are Facing Foreclosure Eviction and don't even know it...Are you one of them?

Find out today for only $29.97 and avoid losing thousands of dollars to rental scams and rental foreclosures.

Pre-Foreclosure Notification

It takes months of delinquent mortgage payments for a property to go into foreclosure. But as the tenant, you get notification of this only when it is time to move out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How common is Rental Fraud/Foreclosure? Why should I care? How does this service work? What are my rights? Learn all of this and more in our FAQ.

Customer Testimonials

"After losing my [rental] deposits on 2 different properties due to rental foreclosures...I will now always use [CMLN] before I pay a dime for a rental again."

View Sample Report

If our database contains the wrong the information on your home, we'll give your money back, no questions asked. It is 100% risk-free. View a sample report.